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Slay Your Sales Page Template$147

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Add On Your Nurture Sequence

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A customizable, ready-to-write template to nail your nurture sequence to welcome new subscribers into your world, establish yourself as an authority, and keep them coming back for more.

You have an incredible offer and it's time to show it off to the world. 

By creating an offer-specific sales page, you'll be able to showcase ALL of the juicy details behind your offer to your ideal client or customer, in one place.

You'll take your reader on a journey that shows you off as the expert and authority 

Inside this 28-page template, you'll find everything you need to write the same-15 part Sales Page I use for client projects.

Each section will include an explanation and a variety of language ideas to choose from so you can write customized, on brand copy with confidence.

You'll get guidance on...

  • Using urgency and scarcity to make your offers irresistible
  • Hooks & Headlines for every section for a seamless sales page flow
  • Hyping up every feature of your offer with a mouthwatering benefit

BONUS: Offer Optimization Outline

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If you have a questions, you can always reach me at alina@azaadagency.com or on Instagram @itsalinaamir.

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My goal with working with Alina was to increase my conversions. I can already tell that both sales pages and my welcome sequence are infinitely better, more informational, more explanatory, and have a better structure for selling! I've also used what I've learned from you to write other salesy content and THAT has already been business-changing. So not only have I gotten genuinely great feedback for everything I've sent, I've learned SOOOO much about writing sales copy too!! I would recommend Alina a million times over again. I cannot say enough good things about working with you. You take my 'ADHD-brain' copy and you give me such helpful feedback so I can make it easy to understand, quick to read, and more optimized to make a sale, to relate, and to engage with my audience.

Kelsey Juntwait
Social Media Coach

My name is Abby. I run a small tutoring company called The Prepared Student that focuses on helping students be prepared for the transition to college. This includes college test prep tutoring and college counseling during the applications stage. www.thepreparedstudent.com. We were getting a fair amount of traffic to our website, but our conversion rates were very low. Our primary goal for working with Azaad Agency was to improve our conversions. I would definitely recommend Azaad Agency for copywriting services. Alina was thorough with the ideal client avatar initial phase of the project, which provided a clear understanding for the goal of the copy. She crafted creative, straightforward messages, and delivered all of the content in a well-organized way.

Sat & ACT Tutoring Company

I hired Alina to write a high-converting website copy for my new social media marketing business so I could attract high ticket clients. My website is now everything I could have imagined and more. Alina did an amazing job of bringing the words out of my heart to life through my website. It now has a professional and expert feel to it. I look forward to working with Alina on future projects. She executed beyond my expectations. I loved how professional, easy and simplified the process was!

Social Media Mentor